some 30min painting that started out of nothing but ended up with such a cliche image xD, though the red thing does add something. I should however be working on homework but I just can't get myself focussed, I'm really much more interested in 2D work lately and most of the school homework is boring repetitive stuff. I'm also helping my sister learn perspective now as I get the hang of it more and more.

Internship will be starting Monday, really looking forward to it =) and hopefully I'll get some time next to it to draw more =D. It looks like I'm not really doing anything daily on this blog, but most of the stuff isn't really worth showing and I'm not sure if 10 pages of lines and ellipses and perspective setups is very interesting for anyone reading this blog so... yeah. Will post something new soon, and I'm also going to try and do some longer paintings/drawings, because most of the stuff shown so far is really quick and I might learn a bit more from actually finishing something.

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  1. I think idyllic is a better descriptor than cliché. Keep up the good work, love the progress!