Some quick photo studies I did of overcast skies. I've come across this website "MapCrunch" which basically takes all of Google's street view locations and randomizes it every time you click GO! A very fun way to come across places you would have otherwise never seen. You can also select if you want to see a specific country or locations near you. And yep, from all the wonders of the world I chose to paint this awesome road with a grassy field and trees xD. The first drawing comes from their homepage where they show daily locations that people have tagged so most of the views there are a little more spectacular than your random ones.

I painted both scenes in a program I've had on my desktop for a while but never tried: Paint Tool SAI.
I am amazed at the brush engine and the overall speed and flexibility of the program. It's absolutely amazing for just plain simple painting and I already prefer it over Photoshop which I have been using for a while. There are only some downsides because I've got accustomed to all the awesome layer stuff and masking things you can do in PS. The program actually reads and writes PSD files so you can do some preliminary steps in PS, paint your roughs in this program and work it out in PS again. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try out a simple but very natural painting app. (And it has very good tools for line drawings as well)

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