Hey Guys, an Update (Finally xD)

I'm currently in the process of laying down the large scale colors and values on the outside area and this is what I currently have, it's very rough and wippy but I thought I'd share something because it's been a while, I'm not totally happy yet but these things usually take more shape over time. Everything is painting in Mari now:

In general the project is getting back into swing and we got ourselves a name for now: PINGO (which is latin for "to paint, to portray, colour etc.) I also made a little logo that goes with it. We might change the name if it doesn't feel right in the end.

Next to that the interior is almost completely painted (which I will post soon) and we are working on setting up art documents that we are probably going to release in the end as well.

I recorded around 8 hours of footage so far and when I have a bit more I'll edit these into a nice workflow video.

You can now also follow the project on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/projectpingo where we will post all updates as well.


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  1. Are you ever going to post the video? I'm very inspired by your art as an aspiring 3d artist myself, so I'd love to see your workflow