Pingo Update

Some may have thought so but the project is not dead :P. We are busy and working hard behind the scenes to get our heads around the short story for this game. We don't just want pretty graphics, we are aiming for something that will give everyone a great experience and story is a huge part of this. For anyone that ever tried to write a cool, short and fulfilling story before you know that there are a lot of iterations and that it takes a lot of time to get it right.

We are approaching the project in a blend between storyboards and walk through  this way we can kind of read the game as a comic and in a short glance see if the story is working on a meta and micro level (and also see all the animations we are going to need). It's much easier to iterate in this stage than to change stuff when full fledged animations and characters have already been made and you need to cut stuff.

The environment was designed beforehand so we could get a good sense of what this world is like and tell our story within the borders of that world.

Next to that we've also been painting a lot more and a new member joined our team, a character concept artist that will be doing the remaining characters so our character modeller can focus on modelling. =)

I've postponed the video a bit because I want to combine it with another announcement we'll be making in the future.


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  1. finally a post lol. its good to hear you are taking the time to do a good story, that will make the game thousand times better. Keep it up! but post more artwork, its nice to see those.