Out drawing in this great weather, drew some little medieval houses from a village nearby. All the houses stand around a central square and the atmosphere is very calm. They are now being used to house old people, I wouldn't mind spending my last days in this place. There is also a little church that is currently being renovated so when they are finished I'll get back to the place and draw more of an overview, for now this single house.

I was hoping to draw in a quiet place but they had schoolchildren coming there in small groups every 10 minutes, every time they came looking over my shoulder xD, don't like drawing under pressure but it helps to keep focussed :P.

I've been very inspired by Piranesi lately and bought myself a Rotring Artpen to try a similar style, although his "drawings" were actually carved in metal you can kind of achieve the same feel with these fountain pens. Definitely want to practice more and it seems the weather is finally getting to a point where it's a joy to be outside so hopefully I'll be able to post more of these drawings =) 

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